Specialised production:ultrasonic cleaner,lead-free soldering station,soldering station,hot air rework station and other electronic tools,equipment.
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      ·  Ultrasonic cleaner
      ·  Soldering station
      ·  hot air rework station
Ornaments cleaner series
Ultrasonic cleaner
Soldering station
hot air rework station
Absorber smoker
Other series


1,Two-in-one function on soldering and SMD/BGA desoldering.
2,Double computer chip control the airflow and temperature separately.
3,LED display:?Airflow,air temperature,soldering iron temperature.?
5,... ...


1,AC automatically power off.
2,Use PWM heating parts,reduce the heat impact.?
3,Use the new thermoelectricity sensor system,high precise?temperature contol.
4,Double LED display,can?display setting a... ...

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